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Robert Ward: teacher, author, educational consultant

Outstanding Features of

The Teacher Tune-Up:

A Workbook and Discussion Guide for

How to Become a Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator

      This workbook satisfies every school’s needs for yearlong, differentiated, progressive professional development, which results in all participants actively creating and sharing vital, standards-based documents that include:

Personal, professional mission statements

Plans for a smooth and calm first day of school

Clear student expectations featuring positivity, productivity, and perseverance

Comprehensive class procedures and routines

Proactive processes for when students finish their work early or a lesson runs short

The Big Ideas and Essential Questions for specific subject areas and grade levels

Strategic lesson plans that feature collaboration between multiple partners

Inquiry lessons as a means of students accessing and interacting with challenging text

Outstanding Features of

The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator:

Inspire Your Students, Engage Your Class, Transform Your Teaching

This comprehensive book equips you with everything you need in order to:

Maximize your teaching potential so you can successfully start, reinvigorate, or remake your career.

Acquire fresh insight and practical advice relevant for pre-service, beginning, and experienced teachers, as well as substitutes, paraprofessionals, support providers, and administrators.

Gain a multitude of innovative, flexible strategies which are suitable for all subjects, grade levels, and classroom settings, from low- to high-performing schools.

Influence positive, productive change in your most challenging classes, even with your most rebellious, hardest to reach students.

Galvanize active student involvement and rally eager participation with proven techniques targeted to your most reluctant and neediest students.

Captivate and challenge a classroom of diverse learners with dynamic approaches that result in a fruitful and fulfilling classroom experience for all.

Empower and embolden progressive academic growth with the key components of effective lesson planning, inclusive class discussions, and collaborative assignments.

Refine and perfect your craft with an available companion workbook that contains twenty intriguing, interactive activities designed for you to develop as a professional.

Available on Amazon: A Teacher's Inside Advice

Shouldn’t every parent be a teacher’s greatest asset and ally in nurturing and educating all students? Shouldn’t every teacher actively include and empathetically engage with all parents, especially those who seem the most clueless, careless, or cantankerous?

Talented Teachers, Empowered Parents, Successful Students! provides educators with a wealth of creative strategies, practical solutions, and professional development activities to transform teacher- parent relationships into pleasant, productive partnerships of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration.

The author’s twenty-five years of classroom experience in meeting the needs of a diversity of students at large, urban Title I schools (including teaching gifted and special needs students, as well as English Language Learners) ensure his advice is teacher-friendly and timely—and actually works!

 Affordably priced to fit within any teacher’s or school’s budget, this inspiring book empowers every educator to:

Move parents from involvement to investment with easy-to-implement techniques for keeping every family engaged with weekly classroom updates and individualized student progress reports.

Win over every parent by treating them as the experts they are with a variety of activities that honor their insights and elicit their input on what is best for their child.

Transform parent complaints into affirming encounters that leave the parent more satisfied than if there had been no conflict at all!

Embrace a whole-child approach that values the core needs of each student and puts parents and teachers on the same page in moving each child forward—socially, emotionally, soulfully, and academically.

Acquire powerful, research-based teaching techniques to cultivate a classroom of willingness, wisdom, wonder, warmth, and worth so parents gain the confidence that their child is in caring, capable hands while at school.

Grow from the included professional development activities and book study questions that inspire and equip teachers and parents to work together, as well as to become the best adults they can be for the children they both care for and care about.

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school, and most are willing to do their part—as long as they feel invited, informed, and equipped to do so. Teachers who provide parents with the reassurance, recognition, and resources offered in this book are certain to form the strong home-to-school bonds that allow every child to realize their full potential.